Taking back more than the night

It stopped being “take back the night” a long time ago, didn’t it? It’s take back the day, the night, the street, the mall, the workplace, the classroom, the home, the church/mosque/mandir/etc, the community, and so many hearts and minds…

We’re almost like a society walking around with chronic PTSD, where the symptoms only get more and more acute the closer and more directly we’ve come to these experiences ourselves. There is grief and horror at every headline.

And I’m not posting about just one, because I made up my mind long ago I wasn’t happy to just talk, or pontificate, or forward/share photos and stories. Outside of contacting the public servants meant to represent me — probably to the point of irritation — I’ve reached out to the people I know looking to turn anger and grief into action. And I want to know about every such action there is, so please comment, inbox, tweet, whatever. I will do any and everything I can. And if you want me to share that with you too, same deal — inbox, comment, whatever.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my tolerance for feeling I haven’t done everything within reason that I can is just not there any more. One of the bitter blessings of 2016.

Rest in peace, Shannon — and every innocent (the women, children, men, and all sentient beings) who have been victims of senseless violence.

What do you think?

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