Performing arts work

Caroline Taylor as Agave at the tomb. "The Bacchae" (Williamstheatre, USA, 2004). Photo: Cynthia Locklin

Here’s a selection of my acting credits (theatre, voiceovers, film and TV); plus other film/TV/theatre credits as a writer, producer, and director. Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for actors or collaborators for an upcoming project!

Work as an actor


Caroline Taylor Les Mis 2014 4
Caroline Taylor in Les Misérables 2014
  • 2014–15: Les Misérables — Mme Thénardier (Marionettes Chorale, Queen’s Hall, T&T, dir: Caroline Taylor)
  • 2015: Party Done… — Pauline (First Instinct Productions and raymondchookongproductions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Raymond Choo Kong)
  • 2014: Scandal: the Play by Richard Ragoobarsingh — Annmarie Hayes (RR/RS Productions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2013: Lotto Madness by Richard Ragoobarsingh — Anna Lucky (RS/RR Productions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2012: Coming Home by Teresa Awai — Jennifer Gittens (raymondchookongproductions, Queen’s Hall, T&T, dir: Raymond Choo Kong)
  • 2011: Carmen by Bizet — Lillas Pastia/Chorus (Marionettes Chorale, Queen’s Hall, T&T, dir: Caroline and Gretta Taylor)
  • 2011: Girls on the Side [The Melville Boys] — Sandra [Loretta] (RR/RS Productions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2011: The Prime Minister’s Speech [Feelgood] — Liz (RR/RS Productions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2011: Why Did I Get Married? — Dr. Patricia Agnew (raymondchookongproductions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Raymond Choo Kong)
  • 2010: Really? — Company Writer/Performer (Contains Fat Festival, London, UK)
  • 2009: Foursome in Toco [Weekend Comedy] — Julie (RR/RS Productions, CLR James Auditorium, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2009: Sex, Lies & Money by Richard Ragoobarsingh — Anna Lucky (RS/RR Productions, National Tour, T&T, dir: Richard Ragoobarsingh & Debra Boucaud-Mason)
  • 2008: 3canal’s SHINE — “A Mother Wailing”/Chorus (cut+clear productions, Queen’s Hall, T&T, dir: Wendell Manwarren)
  • 2007: Carnival Messiah by Geraldine Connor — Pontius Pilate/Featured Cast (Harewood House, Leeds, UK, dir: Geraldine Connor)
  • 2006: Pack Light — Solo Performer/Writer/Producer (New York International Fringe Festival, NYC, USA, dir: Dr. Daniel Banks)
  • 2006: The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club by Tony Hall & David Rudder — Singing Chorus/Milburge (Lordstreet Theatre, Queen’s Hall, T&T, dir: Tony Hall)
  • 2004: The Date by Kym Moore — Felicia (Looking Glass Forum, NYC, USA, dir: Jolie Tong)
  • 2004: Dis, Dat & the Other — Solo Performer/Writer/Director (Williamstheatre, MA, USA)
  • 2004: The Bacchae by Euripides — Agave (Williamstheatre, MA, USA, dir: Jean-Bernard “Bernie” Bucky)
  • 2003: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov — Polina (Williamstheatre, MA, USA, dir: Tina Sheppard)
  • 2002: Fragments of Creole Memory — Solo Performer/Writer (Trinity/La MaMa ETC, NYC, USA)
  • 2002: The Medea by Euripides, adapted by Countee Cullen — Medea (Williamstheatre, MA, USA, dir: Dr. Daniel Banks).
Caroline Taylor on set of A Story About Wendy 2 in Trinidad. Photo: Anthony Keung Fatt
On Set of “A Story About Wendy 2”. Photo: Anthony Keung Fatt


  • 2015: The Apartment: About Last Night — Jamie (feature, PWTM Productions, T&T, dir: Juliette McCawley)
  • 2014: A Story About Wendy 2 — Abigail Smith (feature, Quirky Films, T&T, dir: Sean Hodgkinson). Winner: People’s Choice Award at Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (ttff) 2014
  • 2012: Til Death: the Movie — Kate (short, JJ Films, T&T, dir: Jeston Lett).

Workshop performances

  • 2006: Din Shuru by Tony Hall & Jit Samaroo — Chaz (Lordstreet Theatre & KinetikaPeople, London & Leeds, UK, dir: Tony Hall)
  • 2005: Prostitutes by Stacy Cochran — Lisa (Williamstheatre Lab, MA, USA, dir: Stacy Cochran)
  • 2004: The Olympians: Birth of Athena by Eric Powers — Athena (The Ohio Theatre Workshop, NYC, USA, dir: Eric Powers). 

Commercials & voiceovers

Caroline has worked voiced and performed in radio and television commercials for brands managed by McCann Erickson; Inglefield/Ogilvy Caribbean; Publicis Caribbean; AMPLE Advertising; Pepper Advertising; and JOOP Advertising, as well as the Marionettes Chorale.

Work as a director & producer


  • 2014–15: Director, Les Misérables (Marionettes Chorale, Queen’s Hall, T&T)
  • 2014: Assistant Director, Jab Molassie (Calabash Foundation for the Arts, Little Carib Theatre, T&T, dir: Patricia Cumper, MBE)
  • 2011: Co-Director, Carmen (Marionettes Chorale, Queen’s Hall, T&T)
  • 2006: Pack Light (New York International Fringe Festival, NYC, USA, dir: Dr. Daniel Banks)
  • 2004: Writer-Director, Dis, Dat & the Other (Williamstheatre, MA, USA).

Film, television & video

  • 2020: Christmas with the Marionettes — your way (made-for-TV/streaming Christmas production) — Producer
  • 2019: Resolution Song — The World on our Shoulders (music video and documentary short, The Marionettes with Resolution2020 — a global climate action project organised by the World Wildlife Fund, Decca Records, Tackroom Theatre, Think Film Impact Productions, and others) — Producer
  • 2013: The Marionettes at 50 (documentary short, The Marionettes, T&T, dir: M Dore) — Writer, Producer, Voiceover Artist
  • 2007: Iere Vibe (documentary TV series, Diefferent Style Flims, T&T, dir: D. DieffenthallerWriter & Producer.

Vocal work: musicals, operas & choral

  • 1995–present: Chorister, Soloist, resident Stage Director, The Marionettes Chorale, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
  • 2006–08: Backup vocalist (live & recorded) for Ella Andall (background vocals feature on Andall’s Osun Bamise album)
  • 2004: Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas — Ensembles & Chorus (The Key Music Academy, Port of Spain, T&T, dir: June Nathaniel).

Education & training