Becoming a Payge Turner | Discover Trinidad & Tobago

Back in October and November 2020, the young singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Paige Roopchan (stage name Payge Turner) was making her way through the early rounds of The Voice.

Over the course of two articles, I talked first to Paige’s family — Anika, Rianna, and Jacqueline Johnson — and then to Paige herself about her journey to becoming Payge Turner. You can read both pieces through the links below.

Meet the Johnsons

With roots in a multi-talented and musical Trinidadian family, Paige Roopchan is fruit falling very close to the tree. Click here to read more.

Becoming a Payge Turner: meet Trinidad’s Paige Roopchan

Trinidad-born Paige Roopchan steps boldly into the spotlight as the enigmatic Payge Turner. With a wealth of both musical and athletic talent, her path, however winding, seems destined for stardom. Click here to read more!

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