2016: I see you…

It’s been an anniversary year several times over.

10 years since I moved back home from New York.

10 years in my job(s).

And while we’re at it, 12 years since my BA, and 6 years since my MA.

And now the critical questions: how have those years been spent? Did it add value? Was it what I wanted? And if it wasn’t, was what unfolded a better version of what I’d wanted? What would I do differently if I could?

I don’t understand how, if one ever does that, anyone can escape any regret at all. That you effortlessly release things you wish you could have done better or differently. Because while I recognise that guilt is a fairly useless emotion unless translated into action, there is some guilt that resides…

And what, based on all that, do I want to change now to manifest something closer to what I want in the future?

So it’s been a year like that. A lot of reflection, excavation, evaluation and re-evaluation, examination, and re-orientation.

And I am grateful for all those lessons and insights. Because better will come, and better I will be.

What do you think?

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