Know, honour, innovate (pet peeve pt.2?)

World Heritages of the world by country. Svens...
World Heritages of the world by country. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think folks need to be very careful before declaring themselves “the first” to do something that’s “never been done before”, especially on a small island or coming from a “third world country” (grimace).

The smallness of the island or the developing-ness of the nation often belies the contributions of significant trailblazers who have gone before, whose achievements have not always been adequately documented, honoured or preserved.

Quite often, our brassy generation is not, contrary to our ambitions, inventing the wheel. What we should do is acknowledge and build on the innovation of the wheelmakers — and learn from their shortcomings — not inadvertently (or wilfully) bypass them.

Just a random thought (and pet peeve, lol)…

What do you think?

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