‘Right’, ‘wrong’… and ‘revolutionary’

After Creative Destruction
After Creative Destruction (Photo credit: thomas.gegenhuber)

“‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ exist only between quotation marks. Every day, the world decides their definition, and every day, we have the opportunity to influence what that definition becomes.

Revolutionaries don’t just burn the rules. They write new ones. In destroying the standard, they create the standard. It’s creative destruction at its finest.

Will some people dislike you? Sure, that’s the way it works. Real leaders are willing, even eager, to be disliked and even hated, not because it makes them feel important, but because they know it’s the price of change, and no one can pay that price but them.

Do you have that kind of courage?

If not, it pays to find it. No one pays attention to a coward for very long.

And if all you do is what’s ‘right’, then a coward is exactly what you become.”

– Jon Morrow

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