Getting introduced to "Sex, Lies & Money"

Well, yes, it’s about sex, lies & money and the pitfalls thereof. But no, it’s not really about that. It’s actually quite a probing, disturbing drama that looks both at the universal themes of human greed and consumerism, and also very specifically at the under-explored lives & livelihoods of middle class T&T. And yes, I’m in it. 😉

The poster says “introducing Caroline Taylor“, which is both apt and misleading at the same time. It is indeed the first time that I’ve been in a straight dramatic play on a T&T stage, or acted with this seasoned group of Trini actors. But at the same time, I’ve been on stage since I was four… Well, you get the point. And Lord knows it reminds me of the first time that I took the stage in a lead role in College in Medea, where the success or failure of the play by curtain down depends in no small measure on whether I tell the story convincingly and engagingly. So, no pressure. LOL.

Anyway, it’s produced by R.S. Productions (“Run For Your Wife”, “Funny Money” “I Love You Till Someone Better Comes Along”; is written by Richard Ragoobarsingh; stars Debra Boucaud Mason as the bacchanal maid, Richard Ragoobarsingh as the quirky detective, Cecilia Salazar as the intrusive sister, Nigel Auguste as the ambitious husband and introduces me, Caroline Taylor, as the neurotic wife.

“Sex, Lies and Money” premieres on Thursday 5th February and runs nightly till Sunday 8th February, 2009 at Queen’s Hall. Tickets are $150 and are available at Queen’s Hall from Monday 2th February, 2009. Tickets are available now at the following outlets: Cleve’s, Frederick St (624-0827), Alextronics, Arima (667-0724), Bhagan’s Drug Store, Price Plaza (672-9514) Fireworks City, Gulf City (653-7812), Mandy’s, Trincity Mall (640-5553) (upstairs next to Scotiabank) and of course the Queen’s Hall Box Office, 12noon to 6pm daily from Monday 2nd February, 2009. For further info please call 624-1284 Ext. 1, 768-8663 or 744-7581.

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