Dolphin, not mahi-mahi

It’s traditional in the Christian/Catholic Lenten season after Carnival that fish often replaces red and other meat in the Trinbagonian diet. This often sends the price of fish up, and sometimes puts a strain on fisherman and the islands’ marine resources to keep up with the demand.

For a number of environmental and ecological reasons, however, the supply of fresh fish has been less than in previous years (as reported by Newsday last weekend, the source of the photo at left), and actual dolphin – rather than the mahi-mahi fish that is often called “dolphin” locally – is being sold as “fish”.

The hunting and sale of dolphins and whales (both mammals, not fish) and their meat are officially illegal, however, and the marine ecosystems of both islands are very fragile. Responsible shopping – and fishing – over the Lenten season and beyond is therefore strongly advised, if not absolutely necessary.


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