No Licks Sharin’

I was in a car last year, stuck in a traffic jam somewhere just beyond West Mall en route to Mobs2 having jes left the Savannah, when I heard the Panorama ’06 results. Phase II had beat out my All Stars by 1.5 points. Me and de friend in de car cuss all de way to Insomnia Fete, knowing dat All Stars tired come second.

I didn’t expect any different dis year. But lo and behold, two-time Panorama champions Phase II lose out by jes two points in their bid for a three-peat. Their song – Boogsie’s “Sharing Licks” – wasn’t enough to beat All Stars’ rendition of De Fosto’s “Pan Lamentation” into submission. Following Phase in third place was Exodus, followed by Desperados, Tropical Angel Harps, Renegades (who I think really should have placed higher), and a tie for 7th between Invaders and Starlift.

In the medium band category, there were another few upsets. Boogsie’s Tobago-based Dixieland – winners of the semifinal round and favourites to take the title – were beat back into fourth place. Sound Specialists of Laventille came away with the top prize, followed by Silver Stars and Sforzata in second and third; Katzenjammers in fifth; and Harmonites, Lee Chong’s Pan Glow and Arima Angel Harps in the last three spots.

Disappointing night for Boogsie at this historic first Panorama in Skinner Park. And so it goes. Happy Dimanche Gras!

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